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Frequently Asked Questions

Answering all Your Questions

Why should I hire a postnatal doula?

Research has found that in cultures that value rituals that support and care for new mothers, women have a more positive experience of the postnatal period and a reduced risk of postnatal mood disorders.  Having support from a postnatal doula also means you are more likely to successfully establish breastfeeding and continue breastfeeding.  Unlike a nanny or a maternity nurse, a postnatal doula not only helps care for and nurture you and your newborn and any siblings, but we empower and support the family as a whole.  The early days of parenthood are so precious and you deserve to have someone take care of you so that you can take care of your baby and gently adjust to what is a completely new way of life.

I think you might be the doula for me, what's the next step?

Get in touch to arrange a free phone call and face to face meeting where you can ask any questions you might have and we can decide if we are the right fit for each other to work as a team.

Do you provide a contract?

Yes, I provide a contract that outlines my terms and commitments whilst supporting you.

What will I receive from you as my postnatal doula?

I am totally flexible to your needs as a family and my support will range from emotional support as you find your way as a new parent; to practical support helping you with baby care, household tasks and looking after older children to name but a few;  I can also help you make sense of all the advice out there and signpost you to evidence based information and local groups.  Finally I will always be available by telephone, text or email throughout our relationship.

How does it work with cooking meals / food shopping?

I am very happy to prepare meals for your family and usually suggest that you plan ahead what you might like me to cook and then order it with your usual food shop.  Alternatively I am happy to collect some items on my way over to you but this time will obviously be taken out of my support time on that session.  I have many different recipes and books so if you prefer I can plan the meals for you and purchase the ingredients on my way.

Do you support partners?

Whilst my role as a postnatal doula is to 'mother the mother' and provide whatever support she needs so she can rest and enjoy her new baby, my support extends to the entire family.  The arrival of a new baby is equally life-changing for partners and I am there to support them as they adjust to life with their new baby.

Is there anything else I should know?

I am fully insured, DBS checked and have 'duty of care' first aid training.  I can provide copies of proof of insurance and my training certificates if you would like to see them.

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