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Image by Artem Beliaikin

Lovely Words

Testimonials from my postnatal doula clients

"I could not recommend Cat highly enough.  Having had my third c section Cat swept into the house like a positive aura - supporting me and never judging me.  She had so much knowledge and was extremely well informed about baby feeding (all kinds) / sleeping / behaviour but also so relaxed about how I do things.  Cat came straight in and intrinsically knew what to do and what would help me most - she was just so helpful and kind.  Physically helpful and emotionally supportive - just what you need after giving birth.  Cat is also very empathetic and caring.  Not enough value is placed on caring for the mother after birth and this is exactly what Cat does which is so refreshing but also key to the baby's development.  I am going to be recommending Cat to anyone I know that's pregnant or planning to be.  I'm so glad I found her - Thank you Cat for everything"

Lucie, Surrey

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