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Doula Training Day - Intuitive Breastfeeding Course

Well, good morning! After a lovely break away in Devon catching up with friends over half term it seems strange to find myself on a train for London this morning! 🚆

I’m excited to finally be able to spend time with some fellow postnatal doulas in person but apprehensive about getting the train to London! I think just because it’s the first time in a very long time and because it feels so busy and crowded after the space we’ve been having to give each other over the past year or so.🤷‍♀️🤔

But it’s a sunny morning, I’ve got coffee and I’m going to enjoy some headspace and magazine time! ☕️ 📖👌

After a number of zoom training days and a few more to come it’s exciting to actually be able to meet in person for our get together practical day!

I’m undertaking @youniquebabyandpostnatal ‘s Intuitive Breast and Bodyfeeding Course to enhance my postnatal doula skills further so that I’m able to support new parents as they navigate the sometimes tricky path of feeding their baby. It’s been a fabulously informative course so far and I look forward to learning more. I love learning 👌

Happy Monday all!

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